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USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Russian 3 by Faeth-design French 3 by Faeth-design China lang2 by Faeth-design :thumb321829371:
(I am also intermediate in Kiswahili but there's no stamp for that...)

Hello. Welcome to my page. I am ZincFrost, an aspiring writer who is also a big fan of photography, surreal and abstract art. I don't submit stuff very often because I'm not all that confident in a lot of my work (but I'm trying to change that), so most of my page will be comprised of my favorites. I'm a fan of Hetalia, Avatar, Homestuck and DRRR, and other stuff too but those are my favorite things.
Onto the stamps!
Electronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgyman :thumb343049296: Hetalia flags stamp by natersal Grammar Nazi Stamp by Twisticide The Bible is not a Menu by Allendra3 No Tablet Stamp by YAOI-fanngirl Get Your Facts Straight by RebiValeska People aren't forced to like children, you know. by Love-Murder Black cat stamps by Shizuru117 DA Stamps:purple n black freak by eleoyasha Abstract Stamp by Drake1 And you say you love animals by Little-rolling-bean .Stamp. Game Loses You by KillMePleaseGod That Which I Cannot Lose by Amy-pink Sexy Russian Accent Stamp by Hazel-Almonds DA Stamps: gray n black freak by eleoyasha Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl STAMP: Nerd by djRimzi DA Stamps: Butterfly by eleoyasha Animal Rights Stamps by AACA :thumb285763665: Writers are Artists too by TheBloodskins Morality vs Tolerance by Ramen27 Highly Opinionated Stamp by In-The-Zone Make Sense Please Stamp by In-The-Zone Tabs Are Cool by In-The-Zone It's No Excuse Stamp by In-The-Zone I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Your vag does not trump murder by Ramen27 :thumb170366844: :thumb264018560: :thumb170856975: Showering 2+ Times a day Stamp by In-The-Zone Respect-Stamp by Dinoclaws Flag of Kenya Stamp by xxstamps Kutless Stamp by LaughteroftheLeaves :thumb363682059: Hello stamp by KawaiiUniverseStudio :thumb82023960: :thumb291860991: :thumb286258226: Water -4 elements project- by Loisa (This water stamp was made by :iconloisa:; please visit her gallery here:

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  • Listening to: "Requited" ;_;
  • Reading: Homestuck
Stolen from :iconneedlessjoy:

X= 1pt  /= 0.5  

[ ] Cancer is your zodiac sign
[ ] Grey, red are your fav colors
[ ] You like to program computers
[ ] you fail at it
[X] You don't put up with anyone's bullshit
[X] you love to argue and support your arguments with empty logic
[ ] you never smile
[X] you get aggravated easily
[ ] you act like an asshole but deep down you care for your friends
[ ] you have problems with relationships

Vriska Serket (♏)
[ ] Scorpio is your zodiac sign
[/] Dark blue is your fave color
[] you love to role play
[X] you like spiders
[X] you like end of the world scenarios such as the zombie apocalypse, fall out invasion etc
[ ] magic 8 balls are cool
[ ] you are very manipulative
[ ] you are a huge bitch
[ ] you easily get bored
[ ] you blame your problems on other things, such as "bad luck"
[ ] you have an addiction to breaking things
[ ] you never clean up after yourself
Total: 2.5

Tavros Nitram (♉)
[ ] Taurus is your zodiac sign
[ ] your fave colors are orange and brown
[] you love card and role playing games
[ ] You believe in FAIRIES, even though they AREN'T REAL.
[ ] you are too sensitive
[X] you never really "hate" anybody
[ ] you like to commune with wildlife
[ ] you have a friendly attitude
[ ] you are pretty good at poetry
[ ] you LARP
[ ] you sometimes stammer when you talk
Total:  2

Terezi Pyrope (♎)
[ ] Libra is your zodiac sign
[ ] your fav color is red and blue
[ ] you are more interested in taste and smell then sight
[ ] you love dragons
[ ] y0u l0v3 t0 sp34k 1n l33t h3h3h3
[X] you love plushies
[ ] you love to role play
[ ] you are a sociopath
[ ] you are almost always grinning
[ ] you take interests in law and justice
[X] you like to draw
[ ] you can be really flirty sometimes
total: 2

Kanaya Maryam (♍)
[ ] Virgo is your zodiac sign
[ ] your fav color is dark green
[ ] you love fashion
[ ] you love to sew
[X] you love literature
[ ] you have no problem getting into fights
[ ] chainsaws are awesome
[ ] you like make up
[ ] you are a pretty creative person when it comes down to it
[ ] you like the taste of blood
[ ] getting revenge is always high on your list
total: 1

Aradia Megido (♈)
[ ] Aries is your zodiac sign
[ ] blood red is your fav color
[ ] you inadvertently make frog noises
[ ] 0_0 is your fav emote
[X] you like ARCHEOLOGY
[ ] you like to destroy things out of boredom
[ ] you can hear voices that no one else can hear
[ ] you used to role play
[ ] you are obsessed with temporal inevitability
[ ] you are a very violent and confrontational person
[ ] you're sometimes spooky in appearance
[X] you love talking about depressing things
total: 2

Equius Zahhak (♐)
[X] Sagittarius is you zodiac sign
[X] you like the color Royal Blue
[ ] you have a widow's peak
[ ] you sweat a lot
[ ] you love being strong
[ ] you like to build things
[ ] you have some pretty strange fetishes
[X] you love playing high stakes games
total: 3

Nepeta Leijon (♌)
[ ] Leo is your zodiac sign
[ ] you like the color light green
[X] you love cats
[X] :3 is your fav emote
[/] you are into furries
[ ] you love to draw
[ ] you have a heightened sense of smell
[ ] you are freaking obsessed with friendly roleplaying
[X] you have a naive view of everything (I try my best not to but sometimes I can't help it.)
[X] you love your "OTP" (one true paring)
[ ] you are just too cute
[ ] and very playful
total: 4.5

Sollux Captor (♊)
[ ] Gemini is your zodiac sign
[ ] you like the color yellow
[ ] you speak with a bit of a lisp
[ ] you are totally sick hacker I hope to be someday...
[ ] you have bi polar mood swings
[X] you are pretty introverted
[X] you beat yourself up over little things
[ ] you like to keep everything mismatched such as your clothing (No. Everything. Must. Match.)
[/] you think you are not good enough
[X] you'd rather be technical then use brute force
[ ] you think you have voices in your head, but it really is just your paranoia
[ ] your best friend is a dick
total: 3.5

Feferi Peixes (♓)
[ ] Pisces is your zodiac sign
[X] you like the color lavender
[ ] you love wearing colorful clothing
[ ] you love to swim
[ ] you get really excited easily
[ ] you are very very perky and energetic
[ ] you are optimistic and fearless
[X] you are stronger then you look
[X] you love looking after animals
[ ] you are very modest
[ ] you have a pretty good tolerance when it comes to annoying things
[X] you have a slightly rude and insulting side (but you hide it well)
total: 4

Eridan Ampora (♒)
[ ] Aquarius is your zodiac sign
[X] you like the color dark purple
[ ] you dress flamboyantly
[X] you have an affection for tales of historical leaders, conquerors, and military history.
[ ] you have a massive ego
[ ] you love magic and wizards
[ ] you have a genocide complex
[ ] you swear like a sailor
[ ] you try to make friends with everybody regardless of their opinion of you
[ ] you get jealous a lot
[ ] you are romantically lost (you will never find the right one!)
[ ] you are kind of a tool
total: 2

Gamzee Makara (♑)
[ ] Capricorn is your zodiac sign
[X] you like the color indigo
[ ] you like clowns
[X] you like sweet things
[ ] you like to bake
[ ] you are pretty laid back
[ ] you don't like knowing the technology or science behind things
[ ] you are impulsive and/or unpredictable
[ ] you are silly and eccentric
[ ] you like insane clown posse
[ ] you cuss a lot
[ ] you are a stoner
total: 2

Aww yeah, I'm Nepeta! She's my favorite of the female trolls. :meow: Seems like I'm more like Sollux than any of the other male characters. I am very much okay with this. ^^

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